Gerd Kerkhoff prepares his successor

Kerkhoff Group with dual leadership: Frank Wiethoff becomes second CEO

On 1st August 2019, Frank Wiethoff (50) will become the new Chairman of the Kerkhoff Group's Management Board. With this, the Düsseldorf-based consulting company will soon be led by dual management. While Kerkhoff and Wiethoff will define the future strategy together, Wiethoff will take over operational leadership and founder and CEO Kerkhoff will focus on the areas of networking and strategic partnerships. In this way, Kerkhoff is preparing its withdrawal from the company presumably in two years.

The Handelsblatt reported that Wiethoff had already taken over a double-digit share at the start. If he makes his mark on the 110 employees, he will be set as the future sole CEO and major shareholder, according to the Handelsblatt news.

For the past six years, Wiethoff has been Regional Director East of the consulting and auditing company KPMG AG in Berlin. There he was also responsible for the support of start-ups throughout Germany. It is therefore hoped that it will also provide fresh impetus for digitalisation.

“Frank Wiethoff fits in perfectly to the culture of the Kerkhoff Group, both professionally and personally. He combines professionalism with a modern, integrative management style and is able to inspire people,” say founders Stefanie and Gerd Kerkhoff. They are “convinced that we will continue to write the success story of the Kerkhoff Group together with Frank Wiethoff”.

In his 24 years at KPMG's locations in Cologne, New York, Düsseldorf, and Berlin, he has brought considerable creative freedom into his business activities. “Digitalisation is the big topic in purchasing, and it is increasingly becoming a strategic partner for company management. To this end, all-round consultants are needed who understand procurement, processes and IT systems. The Kerkhoff Group is ideally positioned to support the transformation of purchasing departments and companies”, explains Wiethoff.

About the Kerkhoff Group

The consulting company Kerkhoff seek to significantly and measurably increase efficiency in the areas of purchasing, SCM and production. Clients are generally medium-sized companies and international corporations from German-speaking regions, although consulting services are provided across all industries. With a turnover of almost 30 million euros, the company is an important independent consultancy in Germany with a focus on purchasing topics. Long independent competitors Brainnet and Inverto had been swallowed by KPMG and Boston Consulting.

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