Optimum operating results require optimum solutions for business processes. This runs in our veins here at Kerkhoff.

Our consulting services

The name Kerkhoff and the term "procurement" have become synonymous. This is where it all started 20 years ago, this is the underpinning of our knowledge today. Over the decades we have grown with the needs of our clients – and today we offer a wide range of process-related consulting services. Because, managers and employees in procurement, manufacturing and supply chain management are facing significantly more complex challenges today. And because we know this, we Kerkhoffers are very busy. We do our utmost to raise the process-related potential lying fallow over the entire value chain. Special requests included. Because: With our three consulting service columns, procurement, manufacturing and supply chain, we optimise processes along the entire value chain.

We do this with a lot of passion, but never with a thinly spread approach – we build on your previous success, adapt our performance modules exactly to your requirements and put together a customised optimisation program for your business model. This way, we always choose the right success driver and create maximum benefit.

How we work

The first step is always familiarising ourselves with our client's situation. We pick up where you are, seek out your sore points. This requires flexibility, responsiveness and experience. We aim to be the best on the market. After all, we have the best clients. That's why our problem solutions are smart and economical. This allows our clients to grow and impress at the right pace – and we do this with them.

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