We are specialists in the optimisation of business processes along the entire value chain. Together with our customers, we develop needs-based solutions for cost optimisation and increased efficiency.

What sets us apart

Purchasing, supply chain management, production, corporate control functions - we love these topics. When you work with us, you get what you expect: differentiated consulting services in top Kerkhoff quality, implementation strength, excellent commercial expertise, a good instinct for unearthing problem areas and a strong hands-on mentality. Our clients have grown with us.  That is because we understand our clients and we know our business: We persistently track your business results and adapt our focus on the trade-off between availability, quality and cost to our customers with a great deal of intuitiveness and sensitivity. This way, we detect all relevant drivers, identify all problem areas, and act on all levels – and go well beyond classic price optimisation.

For our customers we optimise the four most important key aspects


Whether our customer is seeking to maintain or increase sales or not: It is possible to lower costs. We can increase efficiency of material costs, both in terms of quantity – such as increasing quality and reducing waste – and lower purchase prices as a result of improved planning. It is also possible to increase output with the existing staff with an improved sales-to-employee ratio.


Increased sales lead to increased efficiency for many of our customers. This is because of other aspects – e.g., a lower cost structure and improved competitiveness, a higher service output or shorter processing times improving marketability. 


We don’t just reduce inventory. That is always a short-term option. The key is to optimise inventory in a way that consistently lower capital commitment leads to improved product availability. This seeming contradiction is resolved with an improved material and information flow within the company as a result of our holistic approach. 


Currently a key aspect: Increased availability begins with identifying appropriate services and products. Efficiency in the company's own value creation, be it production or services, is the key to success and is reflected in the supply chain. Availability pays off both in terms of sales and a considerably improved cost structure for material and payroll.

>> Our goal is operational excellence: We audit the entire value chain and optimise structures and processes which companies can influence – whether procurement, manufacturing or sales. <<

Top consultant. Quality leader. A reliable partner.

We are dedicated to the overall earning power of companies focussing on supply chain, procurement and manufacturing. Our goal is operational excellence: We analyse and optimise every structure and process the company can influence – from choice of supplier to sales logistics. We look beyond what meets the eye and concentrate on dynamic relationships. That is to say: We analyse business processes of the entire value chain and identify every optimisation potential. For our consulting services we focus on our clients’ business results. We have around 100 specialist consultants with in-depth expertise dedicated exclusively to our clients’ business results.


We are a quality leader and advise our customers only what we ourselves would do.

We don’t offer “one-size-fits-all” solutions, but customised concepts. A key requirement is to understand what makes our clients tick and how their businesses operate. It is one of our core competencies to develop an in-depth understanding of these issues. We benefit from being a medium-sized family business. Business thinking therefore is in our DNA: we develop concepts by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We analyse business processes along the entire value chain. The result is an improved long-term operating profitability for the customer.

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