What happens after the interview?

We will give you the opportunity to reflect upon the information and impressions from the interview, and we will be looking forward to your feedback. Given your continued interest, we will immediately decide after the final interview for the respective position. We will inform you about the outcome either by phone or in writing.

Can I also proactively send you an unsolicited application?

Basically, you can send us an unsolicited job application. Your application might perhaps anticipate an intended job advertisement on our part. However, we would also be pleased to answer your telephone call as to whether an application makes sense at that point in time.

I am not sure for which hierarchy level to apply. How should I proceed?

Send us your complete application documents and references. We will be processing all application documents and classify you individually according to your strengths and weaknesses. In a job interview, we will be able to get to know you better yet and determine the ideal position for you.

Will travel expenses be reimbursed?

Any travel expenses you incurred will be reimbursed – depending on the distance to your destination and taking into account any corresponding information in the letter of invitation; please submit the original receipts if you travel by train or plane; if you come by car, indicate the number of kilometers. In any event, you should not forget to provide the details of your banking connection.

How can I apply for a job?

We prefer to receive your informative and convincing application documents by email at career@remove-this.kerkhoff-group.com or alternatively by postal service.

Which documents should be included in my application file?

Your application documents should comprise a cover motivational letter, a structured CV as well as all relevant certificates and references (employers, internships, school reports). Please make sure not to send more than 6 MB.

How does the application process work?

Once you have submitted your application, we will send you a confirmation of receipt. The lead time to process your documents will vary depending on the job and position. In any event, we will contact you within a three-week time frame.

In the event of a favorable decision, you will be typically invited to a personal job interview. Moreover, for certain positions, we will use follow-up meetings with case studies and presentations for our selection of personnel. The application process will vary depending on the position and your personal qualification.

How do I prepare myself for the interview?


Confirming the good impression of your initial application documents during the job interview will require good preparation on your part. The first interview date will be for personally getting to know each other in an open dialog in which you present yourself and we will present ourselves. Take a very deliberate and thorough look at your skills, knowledge and abilities – as well as your fields of study or learning areas. You should likewise be well informed about Kerkhoff Group and/or the services of the corresponding affiliate. An exciting dialog can only develop if you also have questions to ask us.

Which type of degree do I need for an application?

We have no preferences regarding the type of degree. Your field of study is also not crucial for us. You may apply with your bachelor's or master's degree from a university or a college. We attach particular importance to the experiences you had already been able to make within the scope of your internships and stays abroad.

Do I have a chance even without a commercial or technical field of study?

Prerequisite for an application as a consultant is a completed academic education. Recruitment from non-business study programs is basically possible; in any event, a commercial background would be very helpful.

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