Kerkhoff Consulting is designated Top Consultant 2014/2015 and particularly suitable as a consultancy for small and medium-sized enterprises

In a nation-wide comparison of consultancies, Kerkhoff Consulting received the award "Top Consultant". Only 100 consultancies may bear the coveted "Top Consultant 2014" seal. They are thus designated as particularly suitable consultants for the SME sector.


The seal helps small and medium-sized enterprises to find a suitable provider of consulting services in the complex and formidable consultancy market. The consultancies had subjected themselves to the demanding and ambitious certification procedures by Prof. Dr. Dietmar Fink from the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences. The 100 consultancies that were awarded with the seal demonstrated within the course of the "Top Consultant" competition that they are able to adjust and be attuned to small and medium-sized enterprises.

"Because only those knowing the characteristic features of SMEs and taking them also into account will be designated as a top consultant," said the responsible parties of the jury. Prof. Fink verifies this, inter alia, by means of a customer survey. Ten reference customers will provide information on the professionalism and consulting performance of the consultancies. Moreover, the customer must provide an evaluation and indicate business ratios.

For the fifth time already, compamedia and Prof. Fink conducted the "Top Consultant" comparison throughout Germany. The consultancies that received the award obtained excellent or good benchmarking results. "The consultancy market is still very complex and confusing and has no clear definition. 'Top Consultant' establishes criteria and renders the performance of consultants more transparent. The customer survey provides credibility and reliability", said Prof. Fink about the competition.

"I was recently asked whether I would still be pleased about yet another award", said Gerd Kerkhoff and added: "I do notice certain expectations on the part of our clients but also among our own consultants. I'm particularly delighted about this development because it shows that our entrepreneurial efforts seem to be going in the right direction. Such positive evaluations by our clients motivate our entire team to strive for yet more top performances."

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