Industrial Buying at New Terms

The editors of Managementbuch.de distinguished Gerd Kerkhoff's book Einkaufsagenda 2020 as 'recommended reading'.

Spectacular recall actions; brand-name companies pilloried for their buying policies; industrial buyers suddenly facing entirely new co-bidders in their accustomed procurement markets. Societal changes massively impact industrial buyers as well. So it's a good thing that Gerd Kerkhoff and his fellow consultants now deal with major societal, political and economic mega trends. Gerd Kerkhoff discusses their possible effects and implications, but also, especially, their results and consequences for buyers. An important book – because it raises awareness for radically changing markets. Managementbuch.de – their book recommendation for all industrial buyers who want to be prepared for the future.

Wolfgang Hanfstein, www.Managementbuch.de

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