Vision 2020 – Trend Analysis

A best practice comparison has no significance for the way entrepreneurial challenges will develop in five or ten years. Due to rapid political and demographic change as well as ecological and economic objectives, this approach, which is more oriented to the present, is not valid for a far-reaching look into the future.

The current economic situation shows that companies which deal with their market environments in a visionary way are more flexible in their ability to adapt to market changes. These companies defy even unexpected changes by accessing different scenarios for action.

Existing supplier structures will change, general socio-cultural conditions will influence procurement, and communication will become even more direct and faster. The effects such future developments might have on purchasing within a branch of industry and, in particular, on our corporate clients are thus core areas of the Kerkhoff Consulting Trend Analysis.

Possible forms are:

  • Supplier Structure:
    including wage and capital intensity of production, vertical range of manufacture, concentration rate, degree of innovation, capacities
  • Customer Structure:
    including customer concentration, supplier concepts, real net output ratio, capacities, price sensitivity
  • Competition Structure:
    including competitive strategy (niche strategy, quality and cost leadership), concentration rate, degree of innovation
  • General Framework Conditions:
    including currency risks, macro-economic development, income distribution, values and attitudes of the population, nature conservation and environmental protection, demographics and life styles, rate of technological change, legislation, political ideologies

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By combining the perspectives, a future scenario emerges for our customers’ purchasing which is to be understood as a target corridor and identifies at an early stage fields of action for successful purchasing.

The result of our trend analysis is the common definition of a catalog of measures for the implementation of necessary fields of action.

Future and trend scenarios which deal with cause and effect as well as factually logical arguments, different intensities and rates of change, engender a readiness to make decisions and take action, which, in turn, creates significant flexibility and the ability to react quickly. These factors contribute to attaining the crucial advantage of being a decisive step ahead in international completion.