Purchasing Management

Purchasing management provides the necessary basis for a powerful purchasing organization. Structures and processes in purchasing are assessed in terms of their effect or impact within the company, and concepts for improvements are jointly implemented.

Consulting modules:

Supplier Management

Objective of the supplier management is the sustained reduction of procurement costs. Supplier structures will be systematized, and order values and volumes will be analyzed by means of the Kerkhoff spend cube. In close collaboration with our clients' staff responsible for purchasing, savings objectives will be defined with the assistance of a potential assessment model. If necessary, product specifications will be prepared or optimized, tender invitations provided and negotiations conducted. The project may relate to the total optimizable procurement volume or to individual cost pools jointly to be determined.

Exemplary project contents:
  • Optimization of conditions
  • Procurement of investment goods
  • Purchasing co-operations
  • Conduct of negotiations
  • Benchmark analyses
  • Make-or-buy assessments
  • Strategic supplier partnerships
  • Moderation of development processes
  • Integration of suppliers

Product Group Management

Objective is the security of supply at optimum conditions. On the basis of a customized products group structure, strategies are developed for every individual product group and we will support their implementation.

Exemplary project contents:
  • Structuring of material groups
  • Building up transparency
  • Realization of bundling potentials
  • Drawing up tender documents
  • Definition of material group strategies
  • TCO observations
  • Approaches in value analysis
  • Procurement market strategies
  • Building up a strategic supplier pool
  • Market influence models

Purchasing Organization

Transparent and efficient structures and responsibilities are elementary success factors of a powerful purchasing department. This is true especially if several locations and/or companies are aiming at joint, optimized purchasing. Kerkhoff Consulting provides assistance with the centralization, decentralization or hybrid forms of organizations, building up purchasing units as well as with all other organizational challenges.

Exemplary project contents:
  • Requirement profiles for purchasing staff
  • Job function descriptions
  • Organizational structure analysis
  • Ascertainment of communication structures
  • Reorganization of purchasing organizations
  • Introduction of CPM
  • Change Management
  • Post-merger integration 

Procurement Processes

Transparent and efficient purchasing processes provide unexpected potentials: Existing operative and strategic processes in purchasing to the consuming special departments and/or subsidiaries are recorded and evaluated with the assistance of our proven network model. Weak points in the existing process are thus identified and provide the starting point for process improvements.

Exemplary project contents:
  • Process analysis and optimization
  • Creating a process model
  • Increasing process quality by using formalized procedures
  • Introduction of a process organization
  • Redesign and expansion of processes
  • Standardization of processes

Purchase Systems

Today, numerous companies are faced with the major challenge of reducing operative purchasing activities by means of an efficient integration of an ERP system, a catalog management software or other support software. In this respect, classical issues arise regarding the necessity and the fit of the right system landscape.

Kerkhoff Consulting assists in defining the fitting system landscape for the company.

Exemplary project contents:
  • Recording the given EDP landscape
  • Concept of an integration
  • Definition of process requirements
  • Drawing up target specifications
  • Conducting concept competitions
  • Analysis of and drawing up decision bases
  • Assistance with integration and rollout

Kerkhoff Contracting System

After numerous purchasing projects on C-goods and/or indirect materials, the question continues to come up as to how prices will also permanently stay fair market prices. Kerkhoff Consulting uses an index database which includes all necessary benchmark values for C-goods and indirect materials. The provision of our own programmed software enables our clients to manage even large volumes of market price data, to obtain swift analyses and, on that basis, to conduct target-oriented supplier talks and negotiations. Alternatively, consultants from Kerkhoff Consulting will, of course, also be pleased to provide assistance.

Exemplary project contents:
  • Adaptation of customer demands within the database
  • Provision of customer-specific reports
  • Preparation of goods strategies
  • Definition of C-goods controlling
  • Benchmark analyses

Purchase Financing

Kerkhoff consultants help with the organization and implementation of customer-specific and product group-specific financing concepts to ward off currency risks and loss of receivables outstanding. Purchasing thus contributes to liquidity increases for the company.

Exemplary project contents:
  • Discount approximation and optimization
  • Extension of payment terms
  • Refinancing of supplier credit
  • Ensuring security of supply through credit rating checks
  • Hedging concepts for raw material purchasing
  • Reverse factoring
  • Financing concepts for optimizing order quantities 

Procurement Controlling

Many organizations lack the necessary overview and transparency of their purchasing processes and thus their expenses. Yet, only a transparent purchasing organization can set entrepreneurial objectives and check their realization. The organization is able to learn from the root causes for deviations; optimization potentials can be used and bases for decision making can be derived for general management.

Exemplary project contents:
  • Spend Analysis
  • Establishing ratios systems
  • Introduction of reporting structures
  • Ascertaining the factors influencing the purchasing performance
  • Supplier evaluation systems
  • Establishing a hierarchical ratios and reporting system
  • Definition of planning objectives at the material group level
  • Introduction of a balanced scorecard for purchasing
  • Performance measuring guidelines

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