Consulting services for the entire value-creation chain

Today’s customers expect readily available, individual products and services in top quality and at attractive prices  – a high service level in every sense of the word.

The entire value creation network has to work together efficiently, from the customer requirement, product development, planning and production through to purchasing and suppliers. This requires all processes and the organization to be aligned with customer requirements. Digitization optimally supports information flows within the company and across company boundaries – ensuring the right information, in the right place at the right time!

With our solutions for purchasing, supply-chain management and lean management, we achieve measurable increases in efficiency across the entire value-creation chain as well as in supporting areas.

A controlled change process ensures that the optimization is sustainable. The management and employees are involved right from the start and support the continuous improvement process. Customer-specific business games and simulations allow commitment to be established and bring the increased efficiency to life.

Lean management at Kerkhoff

We understand lean management to be an attitude or philosophy for improving structures, processes and the culture of a company. The basic principle is to create value without producing waste. 

A “lean company” aims to inspire customers with maximum added value, and it is the customer who decides what adds value. As well as effectiveness (providing the right products and services), high efficiency is achieved by eliminating all waste from the supply chain.

Why lean management? According to a study*, 93 % of top performers use lean management!

  • Among top performers, EBITDA per employee is around 300 % higher than that of the worst performers.
  • The reject/complaints rate is eight times lower for top performers than for the worst performers.
  • On average, top performers achieve delivery reliability of 95 % across all industries and countries, while for worst performers this figure is only 85 %.
  • Inventory turnover among high performers results in 50 % less capital being tied up in inventory stock compared with the worst performers.
  • Top performers record 20 % fewer absences due to illness than the worst performers.
  • 80 % of top performers implement organizational improvements with little or no investment – although they have usually already implemented the “low-hanging fruit” in the improvement area and are faced with greater lean optimization tasks.

Lean management is thus proven to be a key element for successful companies.

Kerkhoff Performance Center:

Experience company 4.0 live

Companies are faced with ever increasing challenges. Above all, customer expectations are constantly increasing. Shorter lead times, improved quality, and reduced inventories without increased outlay, promise market-oriented production with top results. Companies can only meet these demands if the entire value-creation chain is optimally aligned. This alignment requires transparency and comprehensive information, which form the basis for optimization and ongoing improvement of the value-creation chain. Digitization provides transparency in real time, thus allowing the entire value-creation chain to be optimized from a “lean” perspective.

Frequently, the parties involved have misgivings when it comes to networking the supply chain. Having successfully relied on experiences in production and sales planning, it is difficult to adapt to fully digitized processes. In the Kerkhoff Performance Center, clients can develop and experience the required process-related and digital changes for themselves. This allays their fears of change and allows them to test the implementation in advance down to the last detail.

In many companies, processes have not been adapted to the growing product ranges or customer requirements for many years, at the expense of efficiency, and opportunities for networking through digitization have been missed. As a result, a great deal of potential and many competitive advantages are untapped. The practical simulation in the Kerkhoff Performance Center also provides the opportunity to experience how standardized and optimized processes can simplify procedures within a company and increase efficiency.

Customer-specific business games and simulations in the Performance Center establish commitment and bring the increased efficiency to life. We remember 90 % of that which we create for ourselves and put into practice*, and only 10 % of what we read. The effects of lean management therefore leave a lasting impression thanks to the learning factory. Here, the entire value-creation chain is explained, the daily processes of a producing company presented in simplified form and, in the practical simulation, changes are considered across the value-creation chain.

We would be happy to present to you our Performance Center with the digital and mobile learning factories. Arrange a no-obligation appointment now to visit us in Dusseldorf or Vienna!

* Source: Fig. Tendency to retain information depending on the form in which the information is processed. (Based on a study by the American Audiovisual Society,

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