Consulting Services for Purchasing, Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Today's managers and employees in purchasing departments must solve clearly more complex tasks than had been the case even a few years ago. Apart from personnel costs, purchasing units are frequently responsible for the largest cost factor of a company.

It is necessary to grasp, in their complexity, the conflicting goals of corporate divisions and individual companies and enforce or let prevail the overriding corporate interest. The challenge is to be ahead of the competition in better utilizing today's transparency of markets, suppliers and processes. Purchasing must make substantial contributions to maintain and increase competitiveness.

Comprehensive social, linguistic and professional competences are required to successfully implement complex projects in process and change management and to be permanently oriented towards the requirements of tomorrow. Comprehensive knowledge of business management models and tools as well as the technical requirements of the respective production and manufacturing processes provides potentials for entrepreneurial success which must be tapped and developed.

Our objective is to principally bring about fully comprehensive efficiency enhancements for our clients. Our consulting solutions are accordingly oriented towards supply chain management and lean management.

Convinced that our clients' employees are important knowledge bearers for their products and solutions, we will be doing our utmost to raise the process-related potentials lying fallow in any company over the entire value chain – we will do so with the assistance of topical management techniques and tools as well as the required database support. 

The client's employees will be helped to get that important "look beyond the end of one's nose" through customized business games and simulations in order to jointly detect deficits and work out solution approaches.

We demand of ourselves to be trailblazers and catalysts and we implement that claim in the team of Kerkhoff Group.

Kerkhoff Consulting - Lean Management

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