Kerkhoff Consulting works according to clearly defined business principles

As a consultancy, we are committed to the responsibility towards our clients and business partners. Our actions and activities follow the maxims and business principles laid down in our Code of Conduct.


We evaluate suppliers objectively

Kerkhoff Consulting maintains neutrality in supplier selection. We do not receive any commissions from suppliers, and we also do not work systematically together with individual suppliers. The selection process follows a four-tier assessment system enabling objective evaluations. Not only economic aspects are taken into account but ecological and social ones as well. With every invitation to tender, we provide transparency about the current market situation. We thus ensure sustained and future-oriented procurement for our clients.


We make the success of projects measurable for our clients

Our performance is measurable because we determine and specify concrete quantitative and qualitative objectives at the beginning of our projects already – in coordination with our clients. A transparent project organization provides clarity for the client – in terms of the development status of the overall project as well as its partial projects. We attach great importance to the transparency and understandability of our procedures – from analysis and implementation all the way to their conclusion. Kerkhoff Consulting documents every single step and informs the responsible persons in regular updates. We also make our own company transparent – for example, with our annual report audited by an auditing company.


We ensure exclusivity for our clients in their sector of the industry

It is our objective to provide our clients with sustained competitive advantages. Yet, they would be invalidated if we were working for one of their major competitors in parallel with their project or even shortly after its completion. We accordingly assure our clients that we will not provide consulting services for any direct competitor within a contractually stipulated period of time. Thus, our clients are able to use long-term the jointly elaborated competitive advantages in purchasing.

Partnership basis

We reach our goals jointly with our clients

Our work does not end with analyses and strategy recommendations but only when the project has been successfully realized jointly with our client. For the supplier selection, we not only prepare product specifications in close collaboration with our clients but also carry out invitations to tender and conduct the required negotiations. With the data and documents submitted by us, the client's company can repeat every single process step and integrate it into the company's procurement structure.


We are working on a strictly confidential basis

Kerkhoff Consulting conducts projects with teams of permanently employed consultants; for the most part, we refrain from using freelancers. Our clients can thus be assured that sensible data from projects will not be disclosed to the outside. We use encryption methods to provide efficient data protection during information transmissions. After the conclusion of a project, all requested and handled data are returned to the client again and deleted from our own servers.

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