Career springboard management consulting

Whether you had always wanted to be a management consultant or have just now been toying with the idea: Either you will remain a consultant for a long time, or it will be one of the best starting points on your way to attractive positions in other industrial sectors.

You will get to know different companies and their project topics. You detect strengths and weaknesses; you will see parallels and differences. There is hardly any other job where you will learn so many new things. You help to learn and you yourself are learning – every day. In any event, with a career as a management consultant, you will develop your entrepreneurial mindset which will substantially influence your personal development. You will enhance your solutions- and results-oriented actions. You yourself will become a motivator for your colleagues and other employees, and you will thus create the prerequisite for realizing your professional career plans.

As an expert for consulting in purchasing, procurement, logistics, engineering, supply chain management or lean management, great professional challenges are awaiting you – as well as unique opportunities and perspectives or prospects.

Excellent perspective

The companies of the Kerkhoff Group offer you the opportunity of quickly accepting responsibility and taking the corresponding steps in your development. Steady feedback will provide every employee with a personal assessment. Measured against performance and leadership skills, your responsibilities will increase, and salaries and performance bonuses will develop.

Demanding and supporting 

As of the very first day, consultants will accept responsibility and they will be intensely challenged by the consulting business. At the same time, the development of every employee is supported by individually tailored instructions and trainings. This is how the Kerkhoff Group acquired its reputation as the "elite training ground" on the market.

Worldwide assignments

Purchasing takes place on the world markets. This is why you will be working in international teams and stay in contact with colleagues at foreign locations; and this is why you cultivate business contacts to the most diverse markets and also why you may be assigned project-specifically to foreign countries.

Our clients are your clients

As a consultant, you are a vital link to our clients and you are working exclusively on location at the clients' companies. As a competent personality, you will be in contact with all corporate levels there. In order to realize optimum result for clients, you will cultivate your contacts – over all levels of the hierarchy – to departments and companies on the clients' side, as well as to suppliers, service providers and market observers.

Project work is diversified and versatile

Depending on the client's requirement, new project teams are set up so that, time and again, you will work together with different colleagues. Demanding projects in purchasing, procurement, logistics, engineering, supply chain management or lean management will challenge your entrepreneurial mindset again and again.



Open, loyal and amicable

In the Kerkhoff Group, we prefer open and direct communication. Our "open door policy" includes that all contacts are directly accessible and prepared to talk. Social exchanges of our staff – away from the day-to-day business – are actively supported through various workforce events which shows that work and leisure can be combined.

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